Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the BBVA Compass Financial Wellness Program?

A: The BBVA Compass Financial Wellness Program was designed to help Financial Advisors grow and deepen relationships with clients and their families. Through a simple online tool, Financial Advisors can invite clients and their families to engage in a series of customized, interactive financial education courses designed to educate and empower families to work together toward their financial goals.

Q: What digital learning courses are available through the platform?

A: The following age-appropriate learning courses are available through the platform:

Vault–Understanding Money (Grade School)
Venture–Entrepreneurship (Middle and High School)
EverFi–Financial Literacy (High School)
Transit–Financial Wellness (College)
EverFi@Work (Millennials & Adults)

Q: How do I access the site?

A: Once you are enrolled you can access the site via: TBD

Q: How do I customize my dashboard and the client-facing welcome experience?

A: On your Advisor Dashboard, just click the Welcome Page link in the left navigation bar. There, you can upload a picture, specify your name or team name, enter a short bio and upload your contact information.

Q: How do my clients access the site?

A: You will send a personal invitation from your Advisor Dashboard to each client household. It is very important for you to send a separate invitation to each household for tracking purposes. Do not send the same invitation to more than one household. A client can share your invitation with as many family members as they want by simply forwarding the original email you sent them.

Q: Does a client have to take the entire course at once?

A: No, the courses are designed to remember the user’s progress. Once a client has created a username and password, they can log back into their course(s) at any time at and pick up where they left off. Note, the system does not store usernames and passwords, so if a client forgets their username, they will have to create a new one. Passwords can be reset via the advisor dashboard (see instructions below).

Q: Why can’t I send the same invitation to multiple households?

A: In order to track which of your clients accessed the learning courses and how many of their family members have enrolled you will need to send a unique invitation to each household. If you combine households under one invitation, it will be very difficult to understand which of your clients accessed the site.

Q: Can I send the invitation through Outlook or on my phone?

A: No. All invitations must be sent through the Advisor Dashboard.

Q: Can I send the invitation to more than one e-mail address?

A:Yes, you may enter multiple emails when you send an invitation. However, be sure to only include emails from the same household on a single invitation. Additionally, your client can forward the invitation to any family member he or she chooses.

Q: Can I customize the content of the invitation?

A: Yes, you can edit the personal greeting at the beginning of the invitation and this is strongly recommended. The main body of the invitation has been approved by your legal and compliance team and cannot be changed.

Q: Do my clients have to enter a lot of personal information to use the site?

A: No. For security reasons, users are only asked to enter a first name and last initial and create a username and password. Those individuals will be rolled up under the main household name so that you, as the Financial Advisor, will be able to identify each user, with minimal information provided by the client

Q: How can I help a client who forgets his/her password?

A: From within your Advisor Dashboard, click on the Enrollments link in the left navigation and select the household name for the user who needs a password reset. Then select the appropriate user and click on the Update Password link for that user. From there you can create a new password and send it to the client.

Q: Do I need to provide technical support for my clients?

A: No. There is a “Help” link within each course that connects clients to a technical support system. If you are contacted with technical questions, tell your clients to click the “Help” button in the course.

Q: What is the “Advisor Connector” e-mail I just received?

A: Your clients are able to send you an e-mail from within the College and Adult learning courses via the “Advisor Connector” tool. The e-mail will come from and will include the contact information of the sender.

Q: Can I invite prospective clients and their families to use the tool?

A: Yes. The program can be shared with warm prospects and their families.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of family members a client can request to be added to the EverFi program?

A: No. In fact, the original recipient of the invitation can forward the e-mail to as many others in his/her household as they want.

Q: What materials can I use to inform my clients about this program?

A: Additional resources can also be found within the Resources tab of your Advisor Dashboard.

Q: Who is powering this site?

A: EverFi, the nation’s leading education technology company.